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New Book Release " Looking Through the Sea of Glass"
Copies available on Amazon in paperback and ebook.
The Narrow Door Blazes with Fire
Looking Through the Sea of Glass: Four Inspirational Words from God

Looking trhough the Sea of Glass will cover four inspirational points; Purification, Salvation, Repentance, and Belief in Jehovah Elohim and His Son Messiah Jesus. This book is a guide for anyone looking to improve their walk with Messiah Jesus or just want to find salvation.  

Looking through the Sea of Glass will establish a yearning in your heart to learn and study the Holy Scriptures and be a "fired-up" Christian for Messiah Yeshua; so when He calls you to make a change in your life you will be ready.


The Narrow Door Blazes with Fire
The Narrow Door Blazes with Fire: The Grave is Licking its Lip

One evening the small community of Marsh Harbor experienced an unusual occurrence that shook the neighbors from their homes.  Helen Smith, a bank Securities Manager and her neighbors Noah, Michaela, and Stephen Rana her Supervisor observed a deep dark portal opening to the depths of Hell, which imparted total destruction of mankind on earth.  Not only could the town’s people envision how they would put their lives back together, but a dark ominous cloud covered Marsh Harbor and changed their entire existence for forever.


The Grave is Licking its Lips
The Grave is Licking its Lips

Noah and Michaela were successful professionals who had everything that young millennials could ever want in life.  They had Children, a house in the burbs and more worldly things than you could ever imagine.  They were missing one important thing in their lives.  One day the missing piece came knocking at their door sooner than they could ever imagine.  Their perfect world tumbled down with a crash as the flames of Hell sent them into a New World.

Just the Edge of God
Just the Edge of God

Just the Edge of God will provide inspirational significance, thought provoking words of scripture, and a spiritual approach to understanding man's plight in these End-Time days.  This book is for people of God who have not fully committed their life to Christ. But may wonder why they have never obtained success in their daily lives as a Christian.  It will help them find Christ and will give reasons for dissatisfaction with their life and how to overcome many of life's distractions.


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