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Volume 1

February/March 2021 Newsletter with an added scene deleted from Exalted Above All Gods novel about Cyrus Melekh.


Volume 2

Revision of Novella to become novels based on the current Exalted Above All Gods is series 3. I am working on Series 1 currently.


Volume 3

The novel The Grave is Licking its Lips, a novella, has life breathed into it as a story—teaser manuscript for the book due fall 2021. Name change for Christian Sci-Fi novels.


Volume 4

Update on the novel The Grave is Licking its Lips. Just the Edge of God and a story—teaser manuscript for the book due fall 2021.

Exalted Above All Gods Video & Snippet of Novel

Her head swung back and forth; she awoke from a peaceful slumber. A citrus and lilac fragrance swirled through the air. Becky peered out of the window and turned to glimpse at the passengers when panic clutched her heart, as she noticed a humanoid gaze. Becky smiled, swallowed her saliva, and rotated her seat toward the window to view the terrain.
“Are you scared of us?”
She clenched her teeth and pulled back her locks into a ponytail as she looked straight ahead in hopes they didn’t ask more questions. The humanoid’s honking sound ran a chill along her spine. The resonate honks stopped. Becky wiped her forehead and twisted a curly link of hair with her finger as she gazed out the window to avoid their eyes.
Turquoise waters materialized in the mist as they cross the water mass before they land in Tel Aviv. Smoky clouds whirled across the blue sky as the transport flew into a thick haze. Fierce rain and turbulence compelled the jet to sway with intensity; while losing altitude. Becky jerked forward in her seat and clung to the armrest as she prepared for a crash landing, and finds herself in the clutches of purgatory. The cabin overflowed with a grey fog as sparks ignite throughout the craft. The plane’s descent toward earth spiraled out of control. Her screams resonated, then mute. She detected and listened to the crackling fires of hell swirl everywhere; demonic laughter echoed in flames. Becky awoke with a shiver and realized it’s a déjà vu.
Her trip to Israel horrific and the memory of the accident haunted her spirit.