• Ardith Arnelle-Price

Looking Through the Sea of Glass

As I reflect on this new book. It has been a labor of love to write this book for a year. As I speak with people regarding their faith, I find that many folks are looking for answers to faith and God. Many people have not taken the time to read the Bible and now that life has gotten hectic with all of the disharmony in the world they need answers. The answers are not found with friends or social media. The answers are found with God and having a true relationship with Him. "Looking Through the Sea of Glass" will bring insight and a starting point with finding Jesus in your life. It briefly covers theses points; Purification, Salvation, Repentance, and Belief in Jehovah Elohim. One will become a "fired-up" Christian and want to learn more and hopefully start reading a Bible.

The New book can be found on Amazon in paper book and eBook. Buy the book and leave a review.

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