• Ardith Arnelle Price

Peace ...is it lasting?

What is precisely Peace? You can look-up the specific meaning in a standard dictionary and come up with many descriptive adjectives. However, lasting peace is typically a peaceful state of conscious mind, where tranquility resides in each of us. Let's take the time to be quiet inside and let our minds rest from the hurried lives we live daily then we can obtain personal peace. The Second Advent represents repentance and fasting. However, the noteworthiest event is the personal remembrance of the approaching King. This King is Yeshua/Jesus Christ who triumphantly entered the earthly dimension in the rare form of an innocent baby. The coming King came willingly to be willfully our blood sacrifice, so those who scarcely believe in Jesus/Yeshua would be able to occupy a life of eternity with God. Make time to vicariously experience eternal peace within yourself this festive Advent season and be peaceful with everyone you properly meet or cordially greet.


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