• Ardith Arnelle-Price

Joy ...the LORD has come

As I was contemplating what to write about Joy. My personal memory went back to my childhood. Joy was when you opened your first bulky package and find out it was the doll that you definitely wanted or the kitchen set that was so large it did not fit under the tree. You inquired why your parents were so tired at Christmas because they were up most of the night assembling your gifts. Joy is when you go to church at Christmas and merely recite and sing your Christmas verse for the Christmas play. In my case, I played my violin to Christmas songs. Short-lived joy for other people is when enough food is merely provided and when they are capable to secure a place to extend their heads for the night. We are so blessed and impulsively take for granted the privileges we have in the United States. This year let's remember how blessed we are to obtain so much stuff in our country where others throughout the world receive nothing. Let us proclaim the Joy that the LORD has truly... Come! Let us spread the JOY of Jesus to others this Christmas season.


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