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Desert ...

How do you precisely know you have undoubtedly struck a desert moment in your moral life? It is typically when you cannot ordinarily foresee your direct vision of your eternal life any longer. Your vision is shrouded by the transparent mirage of what your life is currently and not the miraculous life you visioned. How can you move seamlessly from the desert moment into the grassy oasis with palm trees and water? You must merely maintain a dynamic image of where you desperately want to go in your personal career and personal life. Dreadful doubts can arise unexpectedly when you typically obtain no fantastic job, sufficient money, home, proper food, or foreseeable future. Everyone must invariably possess an optimistic vision as to where you naturally picture your life in the future. You will merely want to bequeath a profound legacy behind when you are no longer on this earth. Make obtainable goals that you can in fact achieve. Pray to God for personal direction and start moving out of your desert moment and move into your oasis.

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