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Resurrection of Spirit

This Resurrection Week encompasses serious thought, prayer, and asking for grace from Almighty God. As I have proceeded through this Holy Week, my heart has been contemplating the following; going through or going over a storm. I have been genuinely grieved to the point of screaming out-loud and having to ask myself why I am grieved. A mishap happened to a loved one. I cannot do anything about it, because I was not present when it happened. My heart has been truly broken, yet I know Jesus was there with heavenly angels to protect and ensure further wickedness to occur. Evil is everywhere so does forgiveness of wrongdoing. We all must be willing to forgive those who don’t know Jesus and are wicked in their intent to harm themselves and others.

The going over a storm is okay, but getting the meaning once you are over the trial of life is most important. Did you learn anything during the storm? Sometimes we just want to get over the problem that is facing us. Not knowing this could be a mistake. The mishap that is facing us is so painful; all we wanted to do is move on to the next concern. This is not the correct solution. Jesus sometimes lets us go over a problem rather than through, and that will depend on the severity of the problem. Many times the storm is a test to see if you will remember what to do and will you let God fight the battle.

The going through a storm or problem puts a different spin on a situation. This is where I am at this very moment as many of you are in your lives. Just when you think everything is working out for God’s glory, then the storm comes, and you become irritated in your spirit. This is where you must sit back, get quiet and let Jesus take over. The real key to this entire situation is having a relationship with Jesus as your best friend. Then let Him take control, and He will carry you through the storm. I have an excellent relationship with Jesus. I too have to stop myself and pray and backup and repent for trying to be my own advocate when storms come. I often remind myself and say “peace be still.”

Here is my recommendation. First, pray and get out of the way and honestly give the problem to Jesus and believe me, He will work that trial or tribulation like no man on earth could do it. Just remember He is the creator of everything. Pray and seek God’s face daily during the day not only in the morning and evening but consistently for every situation in your life.

Second, repent of your sins ask God to fix the problem and lead you to the correct resolution. He will show you who, what, and when to move. When God answers obedience is the proper action.

Third, be quiet and listen to the “still small voice of God.” Elijah in the Bible learned a valuable lesson when he ran from Jezebel. God will answer when you are silent. If you are always asking others what to do, then you will get no answer.

1 Kings 19:12 says: After the earthquake, there was a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire. And after the fire came a still, small voice…

Be at peace during this Holy Week. Remember Jesus died on that cross for your sins and mine and He had to endure the pain that no man on earth could have suffered for a sinful world.

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