• Ardith Arnelle Price


This is an excellent time to determine how we all connect with each other in this vast wonderful world. Affirmative, we do have problems everywhere. We must learn to get along with everyone and banish the hate and anger and find clear answers to our problems. We must come together as a nation and recognize who God is and why HE positioned us on this beautiful planet. Rabbi Zellig Pliskin stated: “Every problem can be looked at in many ways. Your perspective will either make a solution easier to find or make it more difficult. The Sages say: “The question of a wise person is half a response (Daily Lift, August 8, 2019, aish.com).” We must respond to every situation with a favorable reaction. If you behave negatively then you get back negativity. If you act positively then a favorable reaction will be the result. No matter the outcome during your journey on this planet. Represent an optimistic person and constantly remember everything is not about you. Become a God-fearing person who will spread the message of love to those around you.

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