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Thanksgivings Remembrances

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Thanksgiving is a time for direct reflection upon your private life, numerous blessings, gratefulness, love of humanity, family, and generous giving. The word thanks means gratitude, acknowledges, appreciation. Giving: give up, sacrifice, devote. When these words are put together in an appropriate sentence, they come alive with a proper message.

Genuinely express gratitude and voluntarily sacrifice your time to engage in activities that will naturally make our modern world a better place to live peacefully for humankind.

Engage in genuine appreciation to not give up until we achieve success. Gratefully acknowledge your deliberate intentions to passionately devote your valuable time to an ambitious project that will instantly improve and faithfully serve civilized humanity.

Have a wonderful God filled Thanksgiving, but remember to do a selfless act of genuine kindness to someone this joyous holiday season?

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