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A Still Small Voice

God does not speak in a booming voice but a still small voice as stated in 1Kings 19:12;

“After the earthquake came to a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire. And after the fire came to a gentle whisper.”

One of the translations states that “after the fire, there was a sound of a gentle blowing.” So Elijah had to wrap himself in a cloak and stood at the entrance to the cave to see El Shaddai. A voice asked Elijah, “What are outdoing her, Elijah” God knew that Elijah was weary, and his time was coming to an end. Father God appointed Elisha as the successor to strike down the numerous Baal’s and Jehu who would follow Ahab as King of Israel of the northern tribes.

We often think of God as a vengeful God as He was in the Old Testament, but don’t let the peaceful words that God spoke to Elijah as the soft and firm voice fool you. In the New Testament, when Jesus arrived, Father God was still in the business of vengefulness, but He began to speak with a tolerant voice until He returned for the Millennium reign.

Remember, Messiah Jesus converses daily to His own those who know Him, but He also speaks to the unrighteous. But Christians are supposed to listen and obey when God communicates with them. Where unrepentant souls have no desire to know Father God, they will continue dispersing iniquity until Messiah Jesus returns shortly. Then everyone will be judged for their lives in the world. Read Just the Edge of God

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