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A good example of how to be a true Christ absorbed person is to do the steps of Hebrews 10:24-25. We must have the spirit and actions of Jesus Christ. When we surrender to God’s heart and act in a kind and encouraging manner, the triune God endows us with the essence of the Holy Spirit once we join the family of Jesus Christ. Our task on earth is not earthly gratification but to spur others to greatness within the deeds of Almighty God, our Father. We must have a heart centered on doing what is right toward our fellow man and forget the echoes and missteps of those around us who are doing their father’s work, the devil.

Let us encourage and love everyone regardless of their race and gender because, to Jehovah God, pure agape love is what we should give to each other without malice.

Read this week my second book, Looking Through the Sea of Glass, and learn the four words of God and how we should battle life’s journey. Looking Through the Sea of Glass.

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