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Belief in God

An article on church declining membership, which I read this past week, toppled my inner being. It made me reflect on how we are reaching younger people and the perception of how religion is misconceived and taught in the home and a church setting.

Many churches have hung on to their population during the pandemic, and other congregations lost thousands of members. So what is the cure for trusting in a higher power than ourselves, and how do we gather our younger generations to trust Almighty God?

First, it comes from the home environment where the parents are the key to children’s understanding of Jehovah and how HE loves his creation, and we as humans would not be on earth if God had not ordained our lives.

Second, there has to be accountability to the church itself. Churches must be open to starting a young people’s group where the young feel nurtured and their needs met by a mentor who helps answer questions about God when they appear lost and afraid. Mental health is actual, and the church could play a valuable role in healing minds that society has corrupted.

Last, no one is praying boldly for our governments. After all, we are afraid that someone will get offended because we pray to Almighty God. Three religions believe in a monotheistic God, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, where 55% constitute the world’s religions. If a group has a public meeting, then ask each group to pray silently. If the president of the United States declares a National Day of Prayer, and they pray publicly and silently, at least the young will see unity within our democracy.

Okay, I am expecting ‘pie in the sky,’ but we need public prayer as a nation. That is why everyone is going bonkers. We are supposed to own love and kindness in our spirit, but only if we believe in Almighty God.

So today, I claim a loving and kind year! Let’s show others, especially our children, who El Shaddai is in our actions and character. Read Looking through the Sea of Glass.

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