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Christmas and Christ?

What happened to Jesus, the Messiah, during this season of observation? Christmas is a time to reflect on who you are in Jesus Christ. Advertisements, movies, decorations, greetings, and some church activities suddenly are about Santa Clause only, or it is all about self and selfish things.

Christmas is not about Santa Claus. It is about the birth of Jesus who came as a divine being to save us of our wretched sins so that we could be with Almighty God when we die and live an eternal life with God the Father.

It saddens me that we have forgotten the real reason for Christmas. The word Christ comes from the Greek word (Christos), meaning “anointed one” and translated in Hebrew meaning “Messiah.”

Let’s not forget the reason we celebrate this holy day set aside to worship Jesus, the Messiah.

Scriptures: (Acts 17:3 ; 18:5 ; Matthew 22:42 ), the Anointed One. He is thus spoken of by (Isaiah 61:1 ), and by ( Daniel 9:24-26)

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