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Christmas, God, & Satan

God speaks through the Scriptures in the Bible and the Torah, whether we want to believe the written Word or the message. We have missed the entire redemptive message by dividing ourselves into many religious groups. These religious groups have confused people over the centuries, making it difficult for the lost and bewildered to find their way to God. Another scheme of the devil is to keep the Word of God from man and have him continue to sin, therefore having no redemptive qualities. Remember, Satan wants to win this battle, and he wants as many people on his side as possible, including confused Christians. Humankind has established so many precepts, laws, and religions that it has made it hard for God to break through and teach HIS straightforward Word to his people.

Let’s not forget the many false prophets that have harmed more pretend Christians than we can count. The seeking man wants to find the truth, but Satan and his tactical demons have been on the job before you can think, and they want to steer you away from the truth and give you a false god to worship, and that can come in many modes. For example, false TV ministers, evangelists, pop-up community church ministers, and educated ministers who just learned theology but never gave their heart and soul to Christ are just a few examples.

Remember to look up to Messiah Yeshua this Christmas and Chanukah season and find the truth of Almighty God’s words. Read: Just the Edge of God #bookstagrammer #bookblogger #inspiration #christianblogger #dailydevotional #christian#writer #mentalhealth @ardithaprice

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