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Christmas & Hanukkah Joy

Christmas is the most exciting time for children, but what about adults? Are we excited about shopping, parties, decorating, and baking?

I find the festivities to be stressful and painful for me. So many friends and family transitioned over the years, especially this year, and the Christmas holiday is less exciting.

Hanukkah shows joy and light, which is why I enjoy the holiday. However, people forget Jesus celebrated Hanukkah; the one person who is the epitome of light and joy is Christ. And being God, with his presence bringing glory to the Temple, how could Jesus, the embodiment of light, deliverance, and peace, abstain from appearing in the Temple for the festival commemorating those very things?

So this 2022 year, my family will celebrate Christmas with lights, prayer, giving to others, and thanksgiving as the holiday commands.

The Hanukkah celebration signified a festival offering thanksgiving to God for his deliverance and for preserving what God had commanded.

To build His house so that He would take pleasure in it and be honored. (Haggai 1:8).

Remember the poor and hungry, and the genuine spirit of Chanukah and Christmas will radiate in your heart. Read Just the Edge of God, Looking Through the Sea of Glass, MAYIM, #bookstagrammer #bookblogger go to bio for linktree

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