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Coming Messiah

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

As I contemplated this Resurrection Sunday, I remembered all my family’s happy times in the past where we gathered and had dinner and prayed. Last year we could not meet because of Covid and this year is no different. Until everyone has gotten the vaccine, we will not gather again. The family concept made me think about Jesus and how HE had missed his earthly family (the twelve disciples) and his immediate family once He arose and went back to HIS Father Almighty God. The significant part of a family is Jesus was never without His Father ever. Where we are without our family members, we will see and touch them soon.Our Bible tells us we will see Messiah Jesus face-to-face one day if we are faithful to the Word of God.

child praying
Child Praying

The story of the engineers who struggled to keep their faith in my current novel is encouraging because it tells the same account of death and Resurrection. We die in the Spirit, but we are alive with Messiah Jesus once we unite with Him in our transition to Heaven.Grab a copy of Exalted Above All Gods and read a thrilling Christian story.

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