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Day 5 of Creation

Day 5 September 18, 2020 Friday

Day 5 – God Command: “Let the waters swarm with living creatures, and the birds soar above the earth in the open expanse of the heavens.” He created the great sea monsters (whales, etc) that move and all fish of every kind and every winged bird according to its kind and told them to be “fruitful, multiply and fill the waters in the seas and birds on the earth.” I remember studying the an amoeba or ameba in biology class and how fascinating it was to view all of the unicellular organism and how they formed and existed as primary organism. God spoke and created the smallest cell to the largest the beasts of the world. Spoke to them and told them to multiply and increase and they understood. For example dogs and cats are frighted when there are storms especially lightning. They have more common since than man to know when to praise GOD and when to run and hide than we do, because they know God created them and takes care of them. You never see birds flying around when there is a storm of any kind they find a place of safety and get quiet. Everything praises God except humans the way it was intended and the love He shows us is pushed to the side and all we care about is ourselves. What an ungrateful world of people we live in – yet there is a REMANT of people who fear God and praise HIM. Take time and praise Almighty God today. Genesis 1:19-23

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