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Day 7 of Creation

Day 7 September 20, 2020, Sunday

Day 7 – On the seventh day, God completed HIS work, and he rested from all of HIS work, which He had done. He blessed the seventh day and sanctified it as HIS own, set apart as holy from other days. Whether you celebrate Sunday or Saturday, take a day of Sabbath and rest from your work. Give time to praise all that Father God has given you and know HE loves you very much and cares for HIS children in a most unusual way to the average man. No matter what you do, He loves you anyway, asks for forgiveness when you sin, and HE remembers no more your sin if you are earnest in your heart. Take time and read Genesis 1-2 and praise God for our lives on this planet we have destroyed with pollution. Think twice how you react when someone asks you to pick up trash or when you carelessly drop cigarettes on the ground, masks, gloves, bottles, cans, burn leaves that start fires, and destroys our atmosphere with pollutants. As smoky, the bear would say, “only you can prevent forest fires.” Take care of our planet and lives and be kind and loving to each other; this is why Jesus, the Son of God, came to give us the message of love. When HE comes again, it will be or wrath and not love. So think about your actions and how you treat someone different from yourself.

Genesis 2:1-3

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