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Day of His Coming!

But who may abide the day of His coming? (air), from Messiah (1741) by George Frederic Handel (1685-1759)

“But who can endure the day of his coming? Who can stand when he appears? For he will be like a refiner’s fire or a launderer’s soap.” Malachi 3:2

If you are familiar with the Messiah, you have heard the Aira and wondered what it means. So here is my explanation of the verse as a former Classical Singer.

The verse refers to the Millennial reign, the Second Coming of Christ. Upon Christ’s return, the intense flame of God’s judgment will purify the Earth, removing the dross of sin. The priests in the millennial kingdom will then be able to offer sacrifices from a pure heart. When Jesus returns, He will cleanse the Earth of all unrighteousness. He will wash the world of impurities, and Jesus will scrub away every stain of sin.

No one will be able to stand before a Holy and Perfect God; only the Saints who washed their clothes in the blood of Jesus. These worthy Saints will return with Messiah Jesus on Earth during the Millennial era. Those who return will keep the peace, work, and worship in perfect bodies.

What a marvelous thought to go anywhere on Earth and not have pain in your body, eat what you want without gaining weight, and have perfect hair.

Mark 9:2-3 speaks of Jesus, Elijah, and Abraham appearing on the Mount of Transfiguration (Mt. Tabor). Jesus’s clothes became dazzling white, whiter than anyone could bleach the apparel.

Are you ready for the return of Messiah Jesus Christ? Read:

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