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The word faith is complex for most people, especially for End-Time believers who struggled to believe in a Creator who hears their prayers and those who don't know the Creator - Jehovah God who interact with social media outlets then receive erroneous information about life.

My discovery this week was when I asked a friend. Who are you? And do you believe in God?

First of all, they came back with earthly answers to who they are as a person, rather than the substance of who Jesus views them as a person of the Most High God.

Second, they claimed they know and believe in Jesus Christ but hesitated when answering. I finally stated that without faith, you are calling Jesus, a liar, and faith means trusting Jesus to handle all of your concerns in life.

Why is faith so important? The Scriptures say: "without faith, it is impossible to please God." (Hebrews 11:16), and without faith, we cannot be saved. (John 3:16). Our Christian walk with Jehovah God must be what HE ordained, and if you doubt for just one second. You have rejected Jehovah God, and your life is doomed to hellfire. Read Just the Edge of God.

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