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Father God Turned His Back

Did God turn his back just once on his Son?

Jesus, in an act of profound love, shouldered the burden of our sins, bearing the penalty for all of humanity. This act allowed God to turn His back on His Son, a sacrifice that was the epitome of love from the Almighty Father towards His Son and all of humankind. Psalm 22:2, 2 Corinthians 5:21, and Matthew 27:46 captures the sacrifice.

Consider the enormity of the Creator’s sacrifice, as His Son endured the pain and anguish inflicted by humanity, all for the sake of humankind. The cross was the ultimate expression of love for humanity. Reflect on this profound statement: ‘For God so loved the world’ (and loved us so much, John 3:16).


sent His Son to save us from our sins and then had to turn His back on His own Son. So why did the Holy Father turn His back?

God, being Holy and Perfect, cannot tolerate sin or be associated with it. Consider the phrase ‘beyond the edges of God.’ When you contemplate the gift of salvation and realize the consequences of disregarding it, your heart is ready to embrace Jesus Christ.

Father God is perfect. He is omnipotent, powerful, omnipresent, everywhere, present at all times, omniscient, all-knowing, and established on His authority as the supreme Godhead.

We take for granted that our selfish concerns about life are more important than Jesus Christ. The next time life gets tough, remember who gave you life.

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