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Flames of God

“Is not My word like fire [that consumes all that cannot endure the test]?” says the Lord, “and like a hammer that breaks the [most stubborn] rock [in pieces]?” Jeremiah 23:29 AMP

The book of Jeremiah contains the prophet’s words from God

as a warning of the Babylonian invasion. Because the people were wicked in Jerusalem, Almighty God promised to punish the Jewish people in antiquity.

The verse about fire in Chapter 23 refers to the lies the people and the false prophets told the nation of Israel that God would not say, ‘He would abandon the Israelites.’

However, the lie survived because the false prophets perverted the words of the living God (v. 36). Those prophets who continued to claim divine oracles were judged (vv. 38-40). So God vowed to cast them away from His presence and all of Jerusalem.

But God promised Israel after they scattered to other nations their return in the latter days of the Messianic Age, which we live in today.

Almighty God promised to burn up the liars like hay in the coming Messianic Age.

Today we hear constant lies. As a baby boomer, I lived in an age where truth was the norm. But today lies prevail; however, people don’t realize that Almighty God will deal with the liars one day, and it will be a day of fire from the mouth of God.

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