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God's Heart

Did you spend time this week getting to know the Creator? God’s heart is His essence. His personality, feelings, and inclinations. For Yahweh to unveil Himself, we must seek Him and want His will, purpose, and desires for His created mortals.

The book of James 4:8 states, “If we come to God with a contrite heart, He will draw near to you.”

We can read Scripture daily, but that doesn’t mean we are close. We must pray, be quiet, and ask God to draw near. But we must have a heart full of compassion with a willingness to study and seek knowledge through prayer and petition. The Scriptures state the words in the Bible breathed out into the Saints who wrote the words. (2 Timothy 3:16) Since the Scriptures are true, then seeking the heart of Father God is a straightforward task.

If we can read memoirs of earthly man, then we can study the Bible and seek Yahweh. Our Heavenly Father loves us and wants to have a relationship beyond a Shabbat service. Therefore, choose to transform your life and seek Yahweh. You will never regret your decision. Read Just the Edge of God.

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