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Heart of God

As I read through Scripture this week, as I fast and pray for guidance to improve my walk with Jesus, I often wonder how many people have the heart of God.

What is the heart of God?

Adonai died on the cross for our sins, and what more could He do for us since He loves us more than we can imagine?

El Elyon sends His Son to reconcile us to Him after the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, which shows the love that we, as mortals, have no concept of because we look at everything through a filter.

But stop and think for a moment; we love our children and ourselves. So, if our child is in trouble, will we go the extra mile to help them? I say yes. Then if we think of our tender moments of love for our children, of course, Adonai would love and give His ultimate love to His beautiful creation.

But remember, no matter how we determine priorities. They’ll be misplaced unless we consider how Almighty God wants us to live and what’s most important to Him—His love. 2 Corinth 11:2-3. Read Just the Edge of God. Go to bio for linktree.

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