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Heartbreak and Joy

Holy Week sets the stage for Resurrection Sunday and Passover since we haven’t hugged family in three years; during the feast, pray and acknowledge Father God because you are alive. The season of Passover is a reminder for everyone, especially Gentiles and Jews, of our Exodus from sin to the ever-present Shekhinah Glory of Magnificent God. We should thank our Creator for sending HIS Son, Jesus, to save us from permanent death and loss to misery and darkness.

If Jesus had not come, we could not have received salvation from our wicked sins. Our fore-parents set before humanity a death sentence when they touched the deadly forbidden fruit from the Tree of Life. Jesus Christ resurrected from darkness to light for us, and HE knows every pain, thought, and anguish an individual might ever experience in this dark world. If you don’t know Jesus (Messiah Yeshua), today is the best day to pray and receive a FREE life of eternity with Father God in HIS Kingdom. Read Just the Edge of God

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