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How do you get salvation?

It happens when a constant longing questions whether life has more to offer. Even with your accomplishments, you foresee the need for fulfillment. Maybe you think you have achieved nothing: disoriented, tired of life, and fearful of an endless and directionless future. Then you are ripe for Satan to discourage your inspiration for goodness with evil, wicked schemes. You search for answers to other religions and find that they lack that genuine sense of fulfillment. You hear the “still small voice say,” I am here for you, and I will never lie or reject you, for if I reject you, I reject myself, and I will never leave you since I made you from the earth’s dirt.” Whatever you decide to do, be tenacious in your life. Stay focused on positive things, even when you cannot see the positive. Many people worldwide have become successful because they first had the fortitude to forge ahead and become a living example of success despite the odds against them; that is a true testament to Jesus. A Christ-like spirit is a positive approach and the drive to be your best and help others on your journey.

Yeshua’s “soft voice” may not express itself as I have written, but you will receive messages from God. Now, another voice will be similar. Be very careful. The spirit of Satan comes as light and has fooled many non-Christians and Christians alike into sin and damnation. Satan will be very cunning by asking, “Did God communicate with you?” or “You can make quick money with drugs, gambling, or other un-godly ventures.” Your Spirit will signal to your heart that these ventures are not from Yeshua. Sometimes, people who are non-Christian call this a signal of your conscience. Everyone has a conscience that works with the Holy Spirit to grow our faith deeper in worth if we are Christians. That deep “churning in your stomach” is your Spirit imparting the truth to you, letting you know a big mistake will happen if you listen to the voice of perdition. Those without God have a conscience bent away from Almighty God, which signals error, but many ignore it. The Holy Scripture states, “Test the spirit.” The statement suggests that one must ask God to confirm the answers one seeks in His word if one is a Christian. If you are a non-Christian, ask Jesus to help you with the problem or steer your dreary life into the fullness that He has promised for you. Yeshua has given you the Holy Spirit. He will communicate the acceptable manner of living your life; life will be exciting and complete.

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