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Jesus Knew His Father

From the beginning, Jesus has always been God, the second part of the Trinity, and He will always be God the Son who will reveal Himself soon as the King of King and Lord of Lords at the Second Coming. Jesus always knew who His Father was when He stated in

John 8:58, “Very truly I tell you, . . . before Abraham was born, I am!”

So why do we have to know Jesus as our Savior? The only way to get to Heaven or God you must believe in Jesus and have a relationship with Him. Relationship means praying, reading, studying the Bible daily, sitting and talking with Jesus, and waiting for an answer from Him. Not a quick prayer and jump up to continue your day. If you have a friend you cherish, it would be rude to get up and leave the room once the person starts speaking. How do you think Jesus feels when we leave the room before He speaks to us? A relationship is between two people. With Jesus, our relationship is between our Lord, who loves us more than we could ever imagine. Find time to connect with Jesus today. Read Just the Edge of God.

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