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Mere Edges of God

“Indeed, these are the mere edges of His ways, and how small a whisper we hear of Him! But the thunder of His power, who can understand?” (Job26:14)

What is the mere edge of God? Will we one day discover the edges of the universe and Almighty God?

I believe those whose confession is centered on Father God and confess their sins and believe in God’s Son Jesus Christ will see Father God, Father Son, and Father Holy Spirit. Man will travel to the very edges of the universe, and every second for eons will be an electrifying experience every second of the day to see the wonders of God, the universe, and how the Bible stories of saints who lived and died in antiquity. The mere stories of Jesus, while he was on earth, will come to life, and our hearts will be glad and full of love. The Bible is a love story of Father God and His Son Yeshua to humanity. An exhilarating love story for the saints who commit their lives to live holy lives and not earthly lives.

We have not seen what Father God has in store for us when we meet HIM face-to-face one day in heaven. Remember, we will eventually live on a new earth, a breathtaking site for everyone who loves and repents their sins.

To learn more, read: Just the Edge of God #bookstagrammer #bookblogger #inspiration @ardithaprice

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