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Passover Season

As we prepare for Passover season, what expectations does God have of us, and how can we converse with Father God to improve our relationship with Him? Passover reminds us how far we have developed in our spiritual walk as Christians and Jewish people in this immoral world. Father God never wants us to forget; He saved oppression from his chosen people permitted by the Egyptians and raptured them to a land of safety and prosperity. The Lord will descend and take us with him as the earth plunges further into confusion. The Tribulation will begin, and the Antichrist will reign for seven horrific years. We must be mindful of what is coming, prepare our hearts and minds to go to our actual homes in Heaven, and give up these earthly shacks made of straw.

Find time during this season to change your heart and lean into Messiah Yeshua and give Him the glory, honor, and love He so deserves because He gave His life for us so we could live with Him in Heaven. Read Just the Edge of God and Looking Through the Sea of Glass

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