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Race against Time

"In a race against time, Water Microbiologist Sophia McFadden must unravel an oceanic mystery or face deadly consequences."

Morning came too early. Her wake-up call set for 6:00 a.m., Rhonda played Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 in G minor, K. 550.

“Doctor Sophia, time to rise.”

Her body ached from insufficient sleep, and her sluggish movements resembled a turtle.

“Excuse me, doctor. A good workout will stimulate the brain.”

“You are correct, and thanks.” It was refreshing to hear Rhonda’s British accent.

Once she found a solution to the water problem, she could return home to Jerusalem. She was

looking forward to a break.

Putting on her hazmat suit, she exited the condo and made the short hike to the beach, where she gathered several vials of contaminated ocean water—a fishy, pungent charcoal stench wafted in the air. The stench gagged her. The morning air was steamy, but as she angled her head skyward and admired the calm blue sky. She returned to the condo dressed for the day and began her experiments. Her results from the water samples troubled her, and she thought of Jon’s invitation to travel to the States and study their water issues. A gasp escaped her lips when she searched her email and found another study.

“Please read the study, doc.”

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