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We can't find rest or peace in our chaotic world.

James 3:6 confirms that our tongues are the problem of “wickedness, corrupting the entire body. It can set your whole life on fire, for hell itself sets it on fire.”

What a mouthful! The same tongue that gives blessing and honor to Almighty God can scandalize names of people, produce lies and curses, and disregard Jehovah’s laws. What hypocrites we are as God’s global people. El Shaddai loves us so much that HE sent HIS son to save us from ourselves.

If we don’t control our tongues, we will fall into the abyss of hell and never return. Father God gives one warning:

  1. Repent of our sins and wrongdoings. Then ask for forgiveness from the ones we injured with our poison tongues.

  2. Remember, Satan is a metaphysical spirit who fooled Eve into eating the forbidden fruit, and he can deceive you. If you have wronged anyone, go to them and ask forgiveness and set it right before they die. Read James 3 this week. Looking Through the Sea of Glass, go to bio for linktree. #bookstagrammer #bookblogger #inspiration

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