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Resolutions, Obedience and God

Where have we gone wrong as a society to forget Almighty God (El Shaddai) as the creator and sustainer of life in the universe?

As mortals on earth, we have fallen from the grace of God and now are suffering his passive wrath with the ten plagues of the Egyptians given in chapters seven through eleven in the book of Exodus. We should notice humans’ pandemics, weather anomalies, and infightings are global. There is a reason for the troubles of the world. Jesus Christ is screaming at us to stop, sit, and listen to him, and acknowledge that HE is KING of KINGS and the LORD of LORDS.

But just as children break a directive, when we say stop disobeying and relax, the offspring disregards the order, we give them one more chance, and the juvenile violates the warning. The punishment begins because the signal didn’t enter the young person’s intellect. We mortals are reaping the discipline of Almighty God; we have overlooked the love and care God presents daily. HE offers Grace and Mercy every day, but our selfish desires took center stage over repentance. For the 2022 year, please wake up, people! Time is not on your side. Seek El Shaddai before it’s too late. Read Just the Edge of God

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