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Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Just the Edge of God book gives only a hint of what humanity must do to be righteous. First, men must read the word for themselves and study the Scriptures; then, they will know the will of God. Romans 9:17 -18 has a powerful voice that we should heed. It states that God had a plan before the creation of the world. “I raise you up for this very purpose, to display MY power in dealing with you… So then, He has mercy on whom He wills, and He hardens the heart of whom He wills.”

When you study the Scripture, you miss an essential part of the line. God made Pharaoh for the initial time and place to display HIS authority as a Righteous God. The Scripture also states that He hardens the hearts of those He chooses and has mercy on those he chooses. God is awesome because He knows our thoughts before we have them, and He knew us before we were born.

Almighty God sent His beloved Son Jesus to earth before man was Created to save his most precious image of himself. For our God knew Satan would tempt Adam and Eve, and we would have to show the Triune Godhead that we genuinely love him with no promptings from a Most Holy God. Think about these few reflections today as you pick up the book and read what God revealed to me about his unmerited favor and limitless love for humankind. Now on Amazon, Just the Edge of God.

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