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People often assume that once they become Christian, their life will be trouble-free from stress and life dilemmas. Being a Christian establishes your way of life in the lime-life of affliction; John 16:33 mentions Christians will experience tribulations, but with Jesus Christ as the head of your life, we will overcome the world. We’re reminded by Peter the Apostle to be ready to face fiery ordeals in the world to test and strengthen our love for Jesus and faithfulness (1 Peter 4:12).

We are to encourage each other and be joyous in our ordeal and pray for wisdom, courage, and strength to endure the trials of persecution, as stated in James 1:2-12. Yet, we do not have to travel through time without help and guidance; this is where Jesus comes in, and the blood of Jesus Christ, our Saviour, saves us from our sins. So, with a constant prayer for our sins and faithful obedience and repentance, we will receive guidance from the Holy Spirit, the third person of the trinity. Then we will become the righteous people of God who have given our lives to serve our Master who gave His life so that we might live in His Holy presence. Read Looking Through the Sea of Glass

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