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Salvation is not Enough!

A day is coming when we must give an account to God for our deeds while living on His planet. Works are not enough because works don’t pertain to hearts bent away from Almighty God.

Soon, a “day of darkness and gloom” (Joel 2:2) will be an actual event. The frightening fact we are so near the end of the church age we will not recognize the approaching dreadful day of the Lord.

People must realize their wicked ways will not allow them a free pass into heaven, but access into hell. So, the heart of man must change to righteousness, and the heart must be a repentant heart toward God’s laws with sincerity. We are born into the world with a heart of wickedness against God because of sin; it is our parent’s responsibility to help us learn and grow into a compassionate people of God, who yearns to praise and mature as people of God who profess their love of God and repents of sins. So, articulating “My works save me” is not enough. A person must love God and obey Him, and then they are on their way to true salvation. Read this book: Looking Through the Sea of Glass

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