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The Beginning of Creation – Traditional Day

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Elul 25 5780 (September 14, 2020) Day 1

This is the traditional day of the beginning of Creation, as recorded in the first chapter of Genesis. While other religions ‘start’ their calendar from the founding of the religion, the Jewish calendar begins with Creation. In Jewish consciousness, every nation is integral to humanity: Non-Jews were welcome to bring offerings to the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, which the prophet Isaiah referred to as the “house for all nations.” Technically, the Jewish calendar does not begin until day six of Creation (Rosh Hashana), which commemorates the birth of mankind. This is because human beings are the pinnacle of Creation, enjoined to protect the world and to utilize all its resources to bring the world to its spiritual completion. (

This year, I sat down and started to think about the earth’s Creation and how blessed we are to be on this planet. I am awed at what God has allowed us to do and be on His beautiful earth and still have our self-will to rule. With all of that said, I thought about what it took to start the process to create; and how many questions I have to ask HIM when one day I will be with Him. As flawed humans made of dirt cannot fathom how much God the Father loves us, he “spoke one-word bara” in Hebrew (create), and everything began as stated in Genesis 1:1. El Shaddai (Almighty God) with the Son, who is Jesus( Yeshua), who said the Word through the Father, as the heavens and the earth formed. Another thought was God willed these creative events into existence. Genesis 1:3 Oh, my! There is no English word for “It is My will that this happen”; it is a voluntary mood that El Shaddai literally commanded (willed) the world into existence. One must step back and really give this spiritual thought and prayer to understand the magnitude of this imperative mood. I am so awed; I have no words beyond —I am thankful!

On day 1 – “Let there be light,”; and there was light.” – This is not the sun, just pure light that man has not seen or will see with our mortal bodies. He separated the evening from the darkness and called it evening and morning becomes one day.

I decided to journey the entire week though Genesis and each day and give thanks for everything the Father God has given us from his divine love. Genesis 1:1-5

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