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Voice of God

Have you ever wondered why the new nation of Jews was frightened of the voice of God in antiquity?

Moses brought the people to the foot of Mount Sinai, where the Law was given, and the Old Covenant was established between God and the newly formed nation of Israel (Exodus 19-24).

God promised He would deliver His Law to them from the mountaintop so they would know how to conduct themselves. Moses warned the people to avoid the mountain, which would be holy ground. Any person or animal that touched Sinai during the time God was there would be put to death (Exodus 19:12-13).

God invited the Israelites to be his treasured people forever as long as they agreed to obey his commands. The Israelites immediately accepted the offer (Exodus 19:1–8).

God descended on Mt. Sinai (Mt.Horeb) with a terrible display of power: thunder and lightning, a dark cloud, fire and smoke, the blast of a trumpet and quaking of the earth (Exodus 19:18). God thundered out His commands to the people. The people feared that Yahweh would kill them. They were so frightened that they asked that God speak to Moses and let Moses be the intermediary (Exodus 20:19).

The Israelites heard the first two commandments directly from God. Then, God spoke in the first person—while the rest of the Commandments were spoken through Moses to the Israelites—because the remaining Decalogue from Almighty God was in the third person.

In summary, Yahweh is Holy!

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