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Every week, churches are filled with folks suffering from anxiety after three years of covid. As believers in Jesus, we are not supposed to worry as unbelievers when they give up and lose heart. However, because of sin, Christians have the same anxiety if we are not connected with our Heavenly Father. I must admit that I sometimes scream inside and get depressed. But once I pray and talk to God, my burdens are lifted. I find a Scripture that comes to mind while I pray, and God gives me the comfort I need to face my concerns.

Jesus said we are no longer burdened by our weaknesses and conflicts in this world (John 15:14-16). He also stated that as believers, we must bear one other burden (Gal 6:2).

Keep these three words in mind as you go about your day. Awareness – sensitive to others, Acceptance – willing to help others no matter what, and Available – we are to comfort the hurting and help the weak.

“Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Romans 5:14). Buy the book Looking Through the Sea of Glass.

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