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What does Christmas mean?

You might read an annual celebration of the birth of Jesus, and yes, correct from a non-Christian point of view. But, for believers, Christmas is more than a gift-giving day. It is the virgin birth of our Immanuel (God with us, our deliverer), the coming King of the Earth, our Lord and Saviour. Jesus came to save the world from sin and to die on a wretched cross for our sins for us to be with Jesus Christ in heaven and not in the pit of doom, fire, and despair called Hell.

Christmas lifts our spirits and gives us hope for a better earth and peace in this miserable world. Without hope in Jesus, on a cold winter night in Bethlehem, our Christian story, forgotten as another story. As mortals, we’re doomed to hellfire because our mortal bodies can not go before the throne of the Triune God (God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit). Satan entered the Garden of Eden, and humankind fell at that moment — God loved us so much He made the ultimate sacrifice for humanity. Jehovah sent His beloved Son, and I am thankful and pray you to seek gratitude on this Christmas and remember to put Christ in first place this year. Read Just the Edge of God

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