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What is cleansing?

As I wrote the book Just the Edge of God, I thought of cleansing several times. I didn’t understand why God was cleansing my soul. He was preparing me to write his books. Cleaning my spirit and soul gave me the temperament worthy of writing inspirational books.

For example, stress often materialized because of my job since they overlooked me for promotions. Knowing I had the company’s best interest meant nothing to top management. I didn’t realize God had a better job waiting for me. Then I discovered my help didn’t come from the things of this life but from Almighty God (Jesus), who always worked on my behalf even when I didn’t acknowledge the love He had for me as his child. If we can touch His garment, then healing happens. Read Numbers 13: 26-33 and Numbers 14, and find out what happened to the children of Israel. In addition, we can learn lessons from Bible history in the Scriptures. Read Just the Edge of God

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