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Who is God, Part 2?

This week’s studies included the book of Hebrews chapters 3&4. I extended the investigation into the ‘eyes of God’ from my earlier blog. I discovered God’s eyes witness more than we might believe. The eyes of God are terrifying to me because Jehovah God’s eyes see our thoughts, exposing the deep intentions of our heart, our nature, and cuts into the soul and spirit. He evaluates our entire person, especially those who hide their unsympathetic nature.

We shroud our delivery to fool the masses of colleagues, friends, and family and walk with arrogance to cover our weaknesses. But God sees the real person with his roaming eyes that pierce the deepest part of our nature. The fierce eyes of God affirmed in the books of 2 Chronicles 16:9, Revelation 4:8, and Ezekiel 10:12; Father God is omnipotent, and no one can escape his wrath.

There is One who knows our humanity, and He is Jesus the Son of God, who sympathizes and understands our weaknesses and temptations; tempted, yet committed no sin.

Father God is looking for sinners and Christians to approach the throne without fear. He wants man to be open to receive His mercy for our failures and grace to help us if we trust, rely on, and are confident in our salvation through Almighty God’s power. Read Just the Edge of God & Looking Through the Sea of Glass

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