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Why the Tassels?

Why the tallit? It reminded the Hebrews, now known as Jewish people today, to remember God and His commandments.

The eight strings and five knots are a physical representation of the Torah’s 613 mitzvahs. It functioned like this: Each letter from the Hebrew alphabet has a corresponding numerical value (gematria). The numerical values of the five letters that form the Hebrew word tzitzit add up to 600. Add the eight strings and five knots of each tassel, and the total is 613.

The garment with tzitzyot reminds the wearer of Torah commandments, specified in Numbers 15:39. But styles changed over the centuries, and today the simple garments of biblical times replaced with robes, jackets, trousers, shawls, and shirts.

The woman within Scripture who had bled for twelve years touched the tallit of Jesus and healed. Jesus, the Son of God, was not only man but deity, and He still had His energy from heaven. After much thought and study on the book of Luke 8:43-48. I decided Jesus’s being manifested energy, and the disciples learned after His death the value of Jesus’ true deity. We can learn valuable lessons from reading the Scriptures. Find time this week to study Numbers 15:39 and Luke 8:43-48. Read Just the Edge of God

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