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Jesus was in the wilderness forty days and nights to be tempted by the devil. He was comforted by angels. Why was He tempted? (Luke 4:1-2)

Jesus had to be tempted like a man, yet He did not sin. Instead, he fed on the Word of God and found the strength to overcome the devil's tricks. So, we are constantly tempted to do wrong by Satan, and we must study, read, pray, and make the right choices to do what God requires.

If we move forward and do what we want rather than what Jesus mandates, we have sinned against Jesus. Then His death and resurrection will mean nothing to us.

Anytime we disobey and do what we want rather than what Father God requires, we are still in the wilderness of life.

Father God wants to have a relationship with us. Once we allow ourselves to listen and remain quiet and hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, then life will change, and we will leave the wilderness of our lives. Last week I wrote about water. We all seek water to purify our broken spirit once we are out of the wilderness

of life, which is a test to see if we will obey, and it is a preparation for greater heights that God has prepared for us. Find time to read a book that will inspire this week. Read Just the Edge of God.

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