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Wrath of God

It amazes me how many people believe God is a vengeful God. Our Creator is not vindictive but loving because our story between Almighty God and us is a love story. The Old Testament declares Jesus Christ and his coming and the rules and regulations (613), to be exact. The Ten Commandments were always a part of the heavenly Kingdom.

What El Shaddai requires of his creation is repentance, obedience, trust, love, faith, and a renewed heart that comes after we confess our sins. Yes, in the Old Testament, God was molding the Hebrew people to set up his laws on earth, so he poured His wrath on his children, who decided disobedience was the best alternative. In the New Testament, God’s passive wrath comes with various tests that we must repeat until we get the message to live without sin. Once we repent, then we are a part of the Holy Trinity. We must remember God is Holy, and no unrighteousness can be in his domain.

So the next time someone says Jehovah is wrathful, let them know the Supreme Being God loves his mortal man. He wants HIS children (us) to be sinless by repenting of our sins, and then we will be clean and able to come before the throne of God. Read Isaiah 6:1-5. Read Just the Edge of God & Get Mayim Free on Amazon starting September 30 - October 4th.

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