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Fence Sitting Christians

What is a fence sitting, Christian? According to the Merriman dictionary, a state of indecision or neutrality with respect to conflicting positions. It’s a person who does just enough to get by without committing their entire lives to Jesus Christ.

For example, they go to church and praise Jesus, but after church service is over, they return to their immoral earthly habits. Fence sitting Christian don’t read their Bible if they have one. No study of the word, don’t pray to Father God unless there is a crisis, then back to their normal lives, and no relationship with Jesus. These folks are seasonal Christians only when there is an emergency, holidays, or use God’s name to impress people. If you are not with Jesus, then you are against him. Sitting on the fence means you are still sitting with the defeated Satan. Satan is your Father, not Father God. Luke 11:14-28.

God hates fence sitters, and there is no room in heaven for them because there is no decision, either way, to worship Father God or against them. No decision is against Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who died for our sins, so restoration and communion happen with Yahweh for eternity. I wrote the book Just the Edge of God for folks who are fence sitting Christians to help them discover Jesus Christ in a bold new way. If you are sitting on the fence, seek Jesus now while He may be found. Read Just the Edge of God

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