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Fire in the Gate

The life cycle begins with birth and encompasses milestones such as joy, career, financial stability, leisure, marriage, family, and death. Life goes beyond the visible realm. Father God said enjoy what I have created for you and multiply the planet. Yet, life encompasses so much more.

First, we must obey our creator and love him. He sent His son, Jesus, to restore His corrupted creation so that His created humans could have a relationship with Him and reset the evil that Satan proposed. We now rectify our ancestors’ mistakes, ask for repentance, and have a genuine love relationship with Almighty God, who has many names.

Second, have a face-to-face relationship with the Son of God, Messiah Jesus, known as Messiah Yeshua. Remember, Jesus was both a deity and a human while He was on earth. He is home, seated at God’s right hand. He came that we might have life and live it with abundance.

Let me be straightforward: the sands of time are rapidly falling in the world’s hourglass. Yeshua is preparing to gather His church; a day will come when countless souls will vanish from the earth. I pray that your life will reflect the love of the triune Godhead. My earnest prayer for you is this: Do not delay. Join the gathering when the trumpet sounds, and escape the judgment of the Tribulation by ensuring you are not left behind on earth.

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