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Storms of Life

Maundy Thursday is a celebrated day we remember our Lord and Savior’s unjust detention, questioned, flogged, ridiculed, spat on, and eventually crucified on a wooden cross the next day. We have to ponder the gravity of what Jesus endured for two days to give us a lifetime of salvation with Him. I am reminded of the Scripture of Mark 6:45-52, where Jesus walks on water. The Gospel of Mark records the event differently than the other two Gospels. Mark’s statement stunned me and made me contemplate our fickleness as humans — “their heart was hardened” v. 52b. The disciples saw Jesus walking on water; they still forgot the miracle signs from hours earlier. Jesus had fed the five thousand people, not counting women and children.

We miss opportunities to praise God one second, and the next second we forget and return to our wicked ways.

My challenge this Holy Week for us is to stop and reflect on our actions before we harm each other with words. If someone is cruel, sarcastic, etc., stop and speculate what would Jesus do? A quote from Charles Sheldon, a minister in the 1897s, coined the phrase in his book. Read Just the Edge of God

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