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Day 2 of Creation

Day 2 Sept 15, 2020 Tuesday

Day 2 –The sky and the midst of the waters separated and became the heavens. I thought about the water that circled the earth, and it was above and below and how God made the firmament and just commanded again the willed– word and the second day ended.

We could not live without water or light. Now, remember the moon, stars, sun at this point hasn’t been created. So the earth is existing with the light of El Shaddai, and everything praises God for the Creation of its being through the light of God. Another moment to contemplate the awesomeness of Almighty God, the Son and the Holy Spirit who moves over the waters before they were separated whois the third part of the Holy Triune God. Go and read Genesis 1 and study each word, line, and sentence to get the full meaning of what God was saying to us. His divine love of HIS Creation.Genesis 1:6-8

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