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Do We Still Have Time?

Just think how awful it was for the Creator to have his Son go through the pain and anguish humanity sent him through just for humankind. But this was the ultimate Love gift for humanity. So, take a moment and think about this statement. God so loved the world (and loved us so much). (John 3:16)

He sent His Son to save us from our sins, but then He had to turn His back on His own Son. So why did the Holy Father turn His back?

He cannot see sin or be a part of sin since Almighty God is Holy and Perfect. What do the words imply ‘beyond the edges of God?’ When you think about the gift and realize you have thrown it away without thinking of the consequences of your steps, that is when your heart is ripe to connect with God.

When we are people of action and go beyond the expected daily tasks, we can use our gifts to help others find redemption and salvation in Jesus Christ.

I think of the times when Jesus helped me overcome negative attitudes that individuals had when they greeted someone from another ethnic race. But once the antagonistic person gets a chance to know you, then you can give them insights into who they should be rather than have preconceived notions that they obtained from their families and friends.

Our world is vast and colorful, so Father God sent his precious Son Jesus to the world. He brought salvation to our world so we could live with the Triune God in heaven. After we gave our home to Satan, who tricked Eve into doubting Yahweh, she let the words of the serpent fool her and led her husband, Adam, into a fallen world. Now we are closer than ever to Father God sending HIS Son Yeshua to gather His church. So, if you are not ready, take time today to seek Messiah Jesus before He returns.

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