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Mayim - Water

A man from Michigan died from flesh-eating bacteria in Florida. I was concerned for people in the state after hurricane Ian descended upon them and prayed for everyone ravaged by the storm and their safety.

When I wrote the book Mayim, I never expected a novel to broach on vibrio vulnificus infections a month after the launch of my story. I wrote the book five years ago and rewrote the novella late last year, launching my new genre and book series, Debacle.

Ian brought devastation and death to the western section of Florida; folks from other states helped the victims. Emergency personnel advised that if you have an open wound, cuts, or scratches, your body can absorb the bacteria through contact with sea or brackish water. People with open wounds should avoid the water and seek medical care if they get sick. But, the message came too late for the family man in Michigan.

I perceived Almighty God gave me my stories, but they touched my heart and soul this time. My book’s words came to life. Read Mayim, a Christian Apocalyptic Sci-fi novella -

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